Why I Spent $500 On a Blender

Living a healthy well rounded life is one of my highest values in life.

This belief was the major deciding factor that made me hit the “Finalize Order” button on one of the best blenders on the market. $500 is good chunk of change and spending that much on a blender is a tad bit usual for a 24 year old.  Being fed up with my crappy old blender….. it was time for an UPGRADE!

My weapon of Choice: Blendtec Designer 625                               blendtecdesignerseries1

Sometimes in order to level-up in certain areas of our lives we have to unravel a POWER-MOVE – by doing so our overall diet will become optimized, trickling down into many facets of life, such as a clearer thought stream and a well lubricated meat-vehicle.

This is the type of blender you see at cafes and shops that the employees are using to make shakes and smoothies. Truly a professional grade smoothie. The choice between its main competitor – the Vitamix – was a toss up.

Being a supporter of the supplement company Onnit, I was aware that they sold the Blendtecs on their site. Always being satisfied with all of their products and to see they carried someone else’s on their site showed me that it must be a valuable piece of machinery.

When it came in the mail I was stoked. It was like unwrapping a Playstation on Christmas….to some degree.

With one of the best blenders ever made on my yellow 60’s styled boomerang kitchen countertop I’m now allowed to stay ahead of the game by incorporating more vegetables, fruits, and super-foods into my diet. Green smoothies have been a part of diet for little over 5 years now. Usually occurring as my breakfast they give me mental clarity, energy, lightness, and a overall good sense of well being that a bowl of sugary cereal is not going to give.

Just having a blender on my counter I am more likely to use it, because it sits there and stares at me saying “USE MEEEE!”

My go-to concoction is a kale/spinach shake.

(Water, protein powder, greens, a little bit of fruit, MCT oil, ginger, cucumbers, celery, maca powder, and pink salt)

I aim to get organic produce for the majority of my grocery shopping. I know it can be expensive but why not pay a little extra for a higher quality food that will have an impact on your body. Non-organic foods are high in glyphosate (the main ingredient in RoundUp) which can be super hazardous to our health, yet very little people are educated on this matter. Think of it as putting premium gas into your car.

I will also find myself using the blendTec for making OPTIMIZED COFFEE too(Coffee, grass-fed butter like Kerry-Gold saltless, and MCT oil). The high amount of healthy fats will time release the caffeine leaving you with more prolonged energy during the morning and throughout the day, while leaving you with a full feeling.

~Once the blender has stopped the end product is a silky smooth liquid~

Ideally I will workout in the morning in a fasted state then break my fast with a healthy smoothie – it’s one of the easiest ways to get your daily nutritional insurance for the day. A life hack for getting those much needed veggies into your diet. WE ALL KNOW HOW IMPORTANT EATING VEGETABLES ARE, BUT WE NEGLECT THEM IN OUR DAILY INTAKE OF FOOD (this is where our willpower muscle comes into play – just do it)

Consuming a beverage/meal of this caliber will leave you with heaps of energy for the day. 

The blender is not only for smoothies, it has capabilities to make ice cream, soups, dressings, and so much more. An 8-year warranty is included with your purchase, that takes some ease off of the high price tag. Being a hard working individual I have always taken pride in the money earned from my occupations. Buying a Blendtec Designer 625 was an investment in the realm of my well being and money well spent in my opinion.

Our diet is so important and having a tool like this lets you live a more balanced life while holding you more accountable to what you consume on a daily basis – conscious consumption if you will. When we fix our diet it makes everything easier. Doors will open that weren’t there before. Trust me … or DON’T.

One cool thing I heard on the Optimization Hour Podcast was that what your eating today is going to effect who you are 5 years from now. So bringing awareness into the field of eating can act in a preventative manner whilst protecting and healing the body and mind.

You are what you put into your body!

The blender has a counting unit on it showing you how many times you have used it, currently mine reads: 598.  I would recommend this device to any one that wants to take their diet and health to the next level or who just loves to cook. Don’t get me wrong either, any blender has the capabilities to make a good smoothie. It is better to have a clumpy smoothie than not have one at all….. so basically the moral of this story is to consume more smoothies that are loaded with vegetables…… but I am sure you already knew that 🙂

It is funny too when you start to change what your eating there can be resistance from others as your going against the norm and others feel out of place. I get funny looks when my shopping cart has more veggies and fruits than it does processed foods.

Why is it that we question people who take their health seriously….???

Another way to look at it though: Eating healthy can motivate others to do the same as they begin to witness a shift in your energy, body composition, and consciousness.

Some times it is important to invest in ourselves – this was one of those times for me.

Feel free to leave any questions – thoughts – concerns in the comments

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