A New Beginning

What if someone who you knew that was successful, confident, happy, and optimistic recommended that you read one book for the year of 2014…

-Would you do it?

Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg”

was the book that entrepreneur Phil Drolet  led me to read last November.

This would lead me here and be the start of a NEW BEGINNING.

Always being a fan of Phil’s work for years I knew reading that book would be one of my main tasks before the year was out.

After finally reading the empowering book – in the last month of the year – I had realized why this book was recommended to me and the power it contained. Many great ideas and words were within these pages, words that would motivate me to get my shit together.

E.O.M. goes into how starting your own brand is a positive game changer and how having a good Google trail can get you ahead in today’s crazy world. Thus leading me to purchasing my own domain name.

I won’t get to much into the book, as part of this site will be reviewing the current books that I have read and what I learned from them.

Most of my inspiration to start this was due to the book having a strong impact on me and where I was in my life.

The plan is to write and share about experiments, life experiences, books, finding purpose, reaching for success, and going past our comfort zones.

So…after getting a kick in the ass, here I am doing and starting something that I always thought we be a interesting project – creating my own website/blog.

stay tuned in….

here’s to the new year – 2015

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  1. Guess who said:

    Like what you got going on here! Keep it up! Another game changing book: The dynamic laws of prosperity by Catherine Ponder.
    p.s. In your adeventures of traveling take up yoga, you’ll see why.

    March 7, 2015

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