Moving to Boulder, Colorado – Fulfilling a 7 Year Dream

I entered on to the Garden State Parkway heading west. Overcast skies danced with light rainfall.  My car loaded with clothes, books, and all other important belongings. Thoughts of excitement and nerves were present….MY DREAM NOW BECOMING A REALITY.

The last 7 years I kicked around the idea of moving to Colorado. Boulder(pictured above^) to be exact.

To move away from my friends, family, and home of New Jersey for the first time.

Easy access to world-class snowboarding, the great outdoors, the potential of living in a college town to perhaps continue my education, the easy-going life-style, and the majestic beauty of the Rockies(Flat Irons), and like-minded people all have drawn me to the Centennial State. This bold move, more or less is a deep down intuitive following. A part of me always felt that Boulder is the perfect environment for me to thrive and grow in.

I finished community college, Colorado University seemed like the perfect fit to continue my education. The cost of going to school out of state appeared a bit steep and deterring me at the time, along with all the other fears that accompany moving somewhere new.

It wasn’t a failure by not moving there years ago, but a learning process.

If I moved there right after school there is a good chance I would’ve never gotten to travel South-East Asia, learn the trait of bartending, run a marathon, gone to Burning Man, create an amazing network of awesome humans, and so much more. Trusting now that I am moving there at the right time in life.

To travel abroad for 7 months showed me that I can dip into the unknown and come back not only unscathed but empowered. This being pivotal in my life learnings of taking risks.

Over the last seven years learning so much and gaining ample amount of wisdom and perspective. If I were to move there prematurely maybe it might not have worked out.

It is almost like deciding to move has been earned by much hard work and discipline.

I gave up going out and carrying on in hope of living a more integral life. Also replacing drinking and late nights for reading intriguing books and inspiring content. To produce a strong will to go after the things that matter most to me, while providing me the funds to live in a state of flux whilst in the upheaval of my old ways.

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The time of solitude spent allowed me the structure to practice sharpening my vision with where and what I want to be doing.


Being mindful of what you want in this life and then making educated decisions and efforts is how you go after your goals and dreams. Get clear on what you want. Take ACTION. Deploy.

Our thoughts, beliefs, mental imagery, and actions should be in alignment with that of which we are aiming for/ want out of life.

Dreams are not handed out on silver platters they are EARNED.


Flocking the nest to soar out west for the first time is definitely a POWER MOVE.

It takes courage to blindly pick up with a comfortable life and plant your stake down and build from scratch.

Many fears and questions arose.

As humans we tend to fear the unknown. What we do not know scares us. Fear arises freezing us in our tracks, stagnating we are resistant towards taking postive action.

Straight up it can be scary, this is where you need courage. To become aware of the fear on the surface and to have bravery to have the attention to know what is in your best interest and to follow that inclination.

I have a deep faith that universe has my back and that everything is going to work out. This is my mind-set going into this new life change.

You will see me write this many of times on here: Fortune Favors the Bold 

It is a fundamental law of life. It is real and when you take an aforementioned leap of faith, you will get rewarded by taking chances and having faith that things are going to work out.

Do not mistake my faith as a dependent, rather as a guide post. 

Why would I want anything other than a positive mind-set when transitioning to new a environment???

From time to time before and during the transition some thoughts would creep in saying: “What are you getting yourself into – what if …. it doesn’t work out…?

No apartment to settle down into and no occupation in place prior is part of the ride. Knowing that things are going to work out and repeating that phrase to myself will help ensure that my external world is in accord with my internal one.

If I am to worry about what to do if I cannot find a job and place to stay and run out of my life savings than I am giving my mind power over me and putting out a vibration (thoughts and feelings) of negativity. It can become easy to fixate on negative aspects of “what if”.

Flip the fucking switch – focus on the postive – think about all that can go RIGHT

Here is where becoming conscious of your subconscious thoughts will help you take control over what it is that you actually want to happen in your life.

So often it is the case that we wander around this planet so focused on what it is that we do not have and compare ourselves to others and their success. You are not other people and you already have so much going for you if can wake up to all the beauty that is right before you in this waking moment. 

That is right…

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Think about the clean air we have to breath, our health, pure drinking water, a means of transportation to a job that allows us to do the things we love to do, a bed to sleep on, food to eat everyday, Game of Thrones, the list that makes life amazing can go on and on. Look at all that we do have.

So if you put your attention on things that you are grateful for this might even make you dare I say… happy. 

There is something powerful to handing over problems and obstacles over to a higher power and receiving guidance and help from the Divine. Sounds woo-woo – I’m highly aware…… will not know if it is true or not until your faith produces outcomes and helps you along the path.

When 21 years old I strongly desired to move the Colorado – the calling felt strong but it was hard for me to take the leap. As I gained more courage from traveling and knowledge from crushing challenging goals, the move became more tangible.

I knew that it was now or never.

Someday is only a day that we take to our graves.

I do not want to be a remorseful 68 year old saying: “MAN, I REALLY WISH I HAD THE BALLS TO MOVE TO COLORADO WHEN I WAS IN MY TWENTIES!”

It became hard deciding to leave my great(secure) job tending bar. This comfortable attachment to an inflow of money became the hardest paradigm to break.

It ultimately being the stepping stone that allowed me to transplant my roots into a new fertile soil.

What will I do for money????
How will I afford rent????

Will I still be able to afford organic groceries and supplements I enjoy????  (((first world problems, I know)))

FEAR also emerged when thinking about leaving my nice income. Rightfully so this feeling is normal when you shake things up in your life.

To trust in myself and to bring a strong faith along with me proved to be key.

One thing learning over the last 7 years is that all the GOLD resides on the other side of our comfort zones. We cannot grow if we don’t step outside the front door!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. 
If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” 
~Dale Carnegie

I only know a handful of people who live in the Boulder area, presenting the challenge of meeting and a acquiring a new social tribe. A task I look forward to tackling though. This will force me to search and find a new group of friends, but I know that upon completing this goal it will be rewarding.

Just as an painter starts with an empty canvas.

A fresh start… an opportunity to become more of the person that I envision myself to be.

One other cool modality that I played around with over the years helping me get to the ideal location is visualization.

To picture in my minds eye what it would be and feel like to be living in Boulder. To see the silhouette of my body being immersed in the lushness of greenery, mountains, and golden sunshine. To feel a sense of liveliness coursing through my being laced with joy and contentment.

The funny thing about the nervous system is that it cannot tell if the picture you painted in your brain is real or not. So if you are consistent in the imagery in between your ears that you see, your mind will work on making that painting a reality.

After 3 days on the road and about 26 hours driving I found myself in the cold State of COLORADO. 4 AM in the morning it appeared darker than I expected.  In a jaded arivial I knew that I completed a goal that took me 7 years to complete. I smiled.

Update: I have now been residing in Boulder for the last 3 months. I have found a place to stay as two amazing people who lended their hands out for me to stay with them, in which seems to be the most ideal situation for me (Thank YOU – Mike and Eric!). A place where I am in the company of those who push and challenge me to be the best version of myself. One of the reason I wanted to come out here – to push my human capabilities and be surrounded by the same type of people. 

Now also working a Float-Tank Center and bartending at a hotel. See things do work out if you let them……… Let them 😉


If you just show up MAGIC is bound to drip down from the skies ~~~~~



Me … in Boulder doing my thang!

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