26.2 miles is a long ways……….

Running a marathon has always been a dream of mine. Signing up for one requires a great will of endurance, hard work, and the right mental attitude.

The sport and exercise of running is something that I had always enjoyed to do. Then one day I asked my self: “What is holding me back from running a marathon?”
I could not think of a solid a answer……

(So often we think in terms of what we can’t do, rather than thinking of the possibility that lie before us)

This began to allow me to imagine what it would FEEL and LOOK like to cross the finish line. Completing a physical feat that not to many can say they have done or even attempted.

Knowing that Atlantic City host a marathon every year, I decided to check out how far away the race was away.    3 months out,  this would allow me the perfect amount of time to train and get my mileage up.

One day on facebook I was feeling gritty and posted this:


I am someone who has always found running to be rewarding, stress relieving, and uplifting. At the current moment I am not drinking till the end of the year, I live on a bike-path, and I feel that I am the most disciplined I ever been in my life. Why not go for it.
To wake up the next day with 50 + likes was empowering and now knowing I had to commit fully/ go all in! The next day I went on to the Atlantic City Marathon webpage to sign up for the race. It cost $100 to sign up – I did not mind paying the money as I saw it as a way to hold myself accountable for my commitment. The moment I got an email saying I was registered for a marathon  I got a shot of dopamine to my brain. The prospect of completing this long-ass race will be so rewarding. Sometimes you need to be BOLD and put yourself out there to achieve your dreams and goals in life.

The race takes place on OCTOBER 18th. Which leaves me less then 11 weeks to train mentally and physically.
Training for the race will be demanding, tough, hard, and will-testing.

I’m not just running this race for myself. I plan to raise $2,620 for charity: water (a charity that builds water structures and gives clean water to underdeveloped countries) – $10 for each .01 mile ran!


See you at the finish line 😉


P.S. What BOLD move have you been wanting to do but have been holding back – take action!

write what bold action you want to take in the comment box and by doing so your taking a step in the right direction!

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