6 PODCASTS That Will Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart


If you ever wanted to check them out but didn’t know where to start, you’ve landed in the right blogosphere. 

Podcasts are hands-down the most under-rated media format. The recorded conversation –  between two interesting individuals  – is gaining popularity. New and exciting information is important to grow as a human and podcasts are an opulent tool to do that. Tuning into a nice podcast will do wonders for your brain and it’s a great alternative to music.

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When I used to be a pizza delivery driver (ahhh those were the days) listening to music all the time got old. My friend Mark got me turned-on to the JRE(Joe Rogan Experience) [ the biggest influencer in the podcasting world ]. I learned current events, history, eating healthy, working out, positive mind-sets and motivation, to name just a few things.

Every time I plugged into my phone jack something good came of it. A good podcast is my cure-all for being “in the dumps”. Just like an album of music, not every conversation (song) is going to be great, but once you find an interviewer who you vibe with, the more inspired you will be to tune into their message.

PODCASTS can majorly impact life in so many ways – they are highly entertaining, funny, informative, inspiring, and captivating. And that’s what I call using my time wisely.

How many times do we find our selves having an opportunity to listen to an audiobook or podcast but can’t muster up the will power to do it? Instead we find ourselves listening to the same old music over and over again (Don’t get me wrong – I love music, but sometimes we are only given so much time to optimize our hours in the day).

Stairway to Heaven is a great tune, but I find my self having a hard time listening to it due to it being overplayed on the radio….

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It’s easier to integrate positive habits than to take away negative ones sometimes. One of the teachers I will share with you calls this: Mindfulness over Mindfillness.

Now-a-days there are so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Luckily there are podcasts for everyone out there whether you want to learn Spanish or are into conspiracy theories. But the podcasts I’m going to share with you will do one of the following:

  • make you laugh
  • introduce you to fascinating humans
  • inspire you to be your best self
  • introduction to life changing books
  • teach you new information
  • motivate you to live a better life
  • inform you about current affairs in a healthy way
  • teach you compassion for the world and others
  • break old paradigms and introduce you to new ideas
  • help you to fall back in love with learning
  • open your heart… to more love 
  • expand your mind

I listen to a plethora of podcasts but when deciding to blog about them, these 6 that I’m going to share, cultivated the biggest impact on my evolution as a human and continue to do so. Now having listened to over hundreds of episodes, I feel compelled to tell the world about what they’re missing. I am always downloading new episodes that appeal to me…. not saying that I listen every single episode these podcasters release – thats whats great about them, you just pick the ones that are appealing and intriguing to you.

The format that encapsulates two dazzling minds embracing a wonderful conversation in the span of 45 minutes to 3 hours is something great. Technology is great when it allows us to access this nourishment for the soul that we often desire.

Oddly enough all my recommendations are somehow intertwined in some weird web of exchanges, each one complements the next. Each host embodies a unique voice and tremendous sense of humor and butt-loads of wisdom to share. You will find each of the six on each others podcasts which I find to be some of the best podcasts, where two of my favorites are are playing word tennis!

We are living in one of the most interesting times on earth. We are so lucky to have computers in our pockets that can spur our evolution and growth as humans and make our lives better if we so choose to do so. The expansion of information in this age is a beautiful thing and as it spreads to the masses it can only have a positive effect on our world.

So with out further ado….. here are the 6 PODCASTS THAT WILL EXPAND YOUR MIND AND OPEN YOUR HEART

1) The Joe Rogan EXPERIENCE

Joe Rogan remember that guy from fear factor….. This Man is one of the biggest influencers in modern history (bold statement I know ~ but this is so true). Joe has inspired millions of people to better their lives, take risks, live their dreams, eat heathy, workout, create positive mindsets, not to take life so serious, treat one another the way you want to be treated, and so much more. He is the forefront leader in the podcast movement and the transformative transferring of information. Without this dude none of the guys below would have their own podcast (most likely) and created a positivity RIPPLE in the UNIVERSE. TV host/comedian/mixed marital artist/UFC host/floating enthusiast/podcaster. By far one of the most well known podcasts everrrr. Something that started with him and his friend jerking around on a webcam and some microphones blossomed into a beautiful chrysanthemum that touches many lives on a daily basis. A wonderful teacher in my life. In times of depression I turned to his comedic prose as a form of medicine – finding my self laughing aloud in my car or walking down the aisle in the grocery store. A colorful speaker Mr. Rogan covers the whole gamut of everyone and everything fascinating. Some of his guests feature: Neil Degrasse Tyson, Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Foxx, Jordan Peterson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dan Blazarian, Jason Silva, Graham Handcock, Chris Ryan, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick. A product of his influence introduced me to the Sensory Deprivation Tank(floating), taking working out more serious, getting out of the rat race to enjoy more of life, and drinking green smoothies on a daily basis. Some of the conversations will be lengthy lasting sometimes up to 4 hours  – great for flights and long drives ;). This podcast opened my mind so much that I credit Joe Rogan to single handedly being responsible for me being on the path that I am on today. So much gratitude for him and his guest and the wisdom they bestow to those lucky enough to listen.

Four other hosts on this list have appeared on the JRE mutable times, all of them GEMS!

IG: @joerogan

Average duration: 1 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours

Get Started wit this one: #1080 – David Goggins

3 more recommendations:

1) #1034 – Sebastian Junger

2) #1139 – Jordan Peterson

3) #1054 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

2) Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Aubrey was the first guest on the first (((podcast))) that I ever listened too hosted by Joe Rogan. He goes into the healing modalities that he has benefited from using psychedelics – a fascinating listen that lead me down a rabbit hole of podcasts.  I was fortunate enough to see Aubrey speak in person 3 times. All were heart warming and mind shattering talks(once in New York on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour (live podcast)[see #4]~~~ the second a keynote talk at Burning Man~~~third a book signing at the Strand Book Store). There is a whole added layer to hearing a talk live, you can feel someones presence and see there body language and the message thats being emanated. Aubrey Marcus has been a role model of mine for about 5-6 years. Just the way he is leveling up and putting a dent in the universe is so inspiring. He is the CEO of a supplement/ positive-lifestyle company called ONNIT. They are all about everything that OPTIMIZES the HUMAN EXPERIENCE. One of todays greatest speakers and storytellers in my opinion. This is the podcast that will be most likely to open your heart if that is what your looking to do. A man of grace, gratitude, joy, compassion, and Love – Aubrey has many modern great thinkers and shapeshifters on his podcast. One of my favorite ways to start the day is to throw on one of his inspiring talks, always leaving me feeling humbled and motivated to keep moving and growing (I used to have one-hour to open the bar that I worked at, throwing on the headphones to vibe with AM and his guest empowers me with positivity that I would not otherwise take in while paving the rest of my day with juiciness). A conversationalist unlike anyone that is currently alive. ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE ON MY LIFES JORNEY! One of the most balanced people I have come across in my young life!

IG: @aubreymarcus

Average duration: 1 hour 

Get Started wit this one: #145 –  Moving the Body and Mind with Aaron Alexander

3 more recommendations:

1) #175 – Five Things to Achieve Before You Die with Erick Godsey

2) #128 – The Self, God, Love and the Soul with Paul Chek 

3) #165 – Purification and Presence with Jay Shetty


              (Aubrey’s talk at Burning Man)                                         

3) The Onnit Podcast   Human Optimization Hour w/ Kyle Kingsbury

Right now… my favorite podcast to indulge in. The only 1/6 that I have listened to every episode. Being fortunate to have gone to a retreat in Sedona with this dude. The host Kyle Kingsbury is a human encyclopedia of information mostly pertaining to health/wellness but is well versed in so so so much beyond that. Kyle’s podcast is a beautiful complement to Aubrey’s. The name of the game here is HUMAN OPTIMIZATION. Kyle is a retired UFC fighter who drops knowledge bombs on the reg. A wealth of wisdom in the realms of diet, health, wellness, supplements, mindsets, personal growth, spirituality, bio-hacking, holistic/healing modalities, and being a badass. Having a warriors physic and the heart of an angel is rare in todays world – Kyle embodies those two qualities to the fullest. Being a creative interviewer he brings out the best of his guests and holds a space that is fertile unlike no other, allowing room for magic to bloom out of the microphones. Take a deep dive into his podcasts and you will find yourself looking to level-up. His episode on the Joe Rogan podcast(#756) a few years back was one of my all time favorites.

Joe Rogan(on Kyle):

“Thats why I like talking to people like you – because I know your on this constant search for improvement and this constant search for growth. And I think that talking to people like you and talking to people that are filling themselves with knowledge and constantly trying to elevate their perspective and maybe enhance their perspective…. thats inspiring and it also gives fuel to people who want to do the same.”

All-in-all one of the most fascinating people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

IG: @kingbu

Average duration: 1 hour

Get Started wit this one: #12 – How To Get Back Up with Kyle Kingsbury(solocast)

3 more recommendations:

1) #40 – The Life Stylist Luke Storey

2) #29 – Beyond the Barbell with Mike Bledsoe

3) #49 Tait Fletcher 

(Spirit Ranch Retreat in Sedona)

(Aubrey Marcus Weekend in Santa Monica)

4) The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

The DTFH requires an open mind. With that said, Duncan contains the greatest sense of humor out of these intellects. This man makes me laugh out loud at least once every time I drop in for a listen. Duncan has a strong spiritual undertone to his prose. He starts out his podcast usually with a mind ramble that is very uniquely poetic. For those listening to him for the first time, try to make it past it or fast forwards to the start of one of his extraordinary guests. He makes fun of his own voice referencing it to that of a “raspy lesbian”. Aubrey has been on his podcast numerous times and any time theses two come together it is GOLD. Seeing the two live was treat, and Duncan was so down to earth he even hung out afterwards for drinks hours after the show. Duncan brings the best out of whoever he is interviewing. A frequent guest on the JRE as well, I’d recommend to check out the alchemy of Joe and Duncan’s conversations – when together their message is heart-warming, powerful, and piercing. Colorful and diverse people are the ones being interviewed on this podcast that will leave you with profound insights into life.

(live podcast in LA)

IG: @duncantrussell

Average duration: 1 hour – 3 hours

Get Started wit this one: Graham Hancock – EPISODE 128

3 more recommendations:

1) Jason Silva – EPISODE 278

2) Steven Kotler – EPISODE 270

3) Alex and Allyson Grey – EPISODE 262

5) The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is best well know for the 4-Hour Workweek(a game-changing must read). A very influential book in my journey.  Tim calls himself a human guinea pig. He is the fifth head to my Mt. Rushmore of teachers/podcasters. Mr. Ferriss is a very centered man and gets shit done period. A multiple NY Times bestseller, T.V. show host, multi-linguist, angel-investor, bay-area maverick, and overall BADASS MAN. Tim likes to get people who are the best in their respective field and then deconstruct their mind-sets, habits, disciplines, and what set them apart from others and find ways to bring those qualities to the masses for self implementation. This man is responsible for a lot of expansion that has occurred in my life. Growth is bound to happen from dropping into one of his podcasts. You are destined to come across one person that jumps out at you wanting to learn their story and find out what made them an influencer. Tim’s guest are game-changers and people that truly made an impact in the world we live in.

IG: @timferriss

Average duration: 1 – 2 hours 

Get Started wit this one: Naval Ravikant

3 more recommendations:

1) Jack Kornfield

2) Seth Godin

3) Paul Stamets

6) ALIGN Podcast

Aaron is keenly attuned to the intricacies of human movement. His ability to unravel and address dysfunctional patterns is fantastic!   – Belisa Vranich

Aaron Alexander is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach with over 13 years of professional experience. He is the latest of the latter to fall on my radar. Introduced by listening to the AMP and the Onnit podcast his voice and positivity are unlike any I’ve other heard.  Falling in love with his podcast and all of the myriad of guests he has the pleasure of interviewing. Aaron is movement master and looks for ways to utilize these meat wagons we call bodies so we can get the most out of life. I feel very connected to his messages. His playful energy whirls through the microphone and emanates a powerful influential essence. He has inspired me to make sure I am moving in a more conscious way in my waking life. You can find his interviewees to be with some of the forefront leaders in the health and wellness space – the variety of people that are presented, keeps his conversations very refreshing and entertaining. I had the pleasure of doing a workshop with him at Paleo f(x) and he is one of those people whose mission matches his presence. His belief systems truly challenges the way we think and move on a daily basis. Going outside of the “norm” is exemplified in his lifestyle by being a living embodiment of his message.

If there is one person to follow on Instagram it is this gentleman. His IG stories exude real practical ways to become a healthier human being. So valuable 🙂 #floorculture

IG: @alignpodcast

Average duration: 1 hour 

Get Started wit this one: Jim Kwik: Read Faster, Think Clearly, Boost Memory | Ep. 181

3 more recommendations:

1) Sean Croxton: Mirror Neurons, Pattern Breaking, How to Grow | Ep. 183

2) Dr. David Perlmutter: Healing Brain Inflammation, Enhancing Memory | Ep. 205

3) Kyle Kingsbury: Aging Hacks, Psychedelic Guidance, Trauma Release | Ep. 167

Interactive Workshop @ Paleo f(x)



Podcasts have been a catalyst for me during an amazing transformative 2018. Fueling the fire, pushing me to my limits of my human capabilities. Challenging the way I think and see the world we live in, in a healthy way. Information that inspires me to go outside my comfort zone and to experiment is one of my favorite outcomes of listening. Actively tuning in to podcasts has been one of the greatest habits that I have entrained into my life.

So I challenge YOU to give it a try…..”won’t you”…… take a chance on one of these channels of wisdom and grow as a human.

Change is the only constant………. 

 Please tell me what podcasts your into, like, share with friends, and tune into daily.

How have podcasts changed you life???

Feel free to start a convo with me about this down in the comments below!!!!!

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