26.2 Insights Gained From Running And Training For A Marathon


Training and running for The Atlantic City Marathon is one of the most rewarding things accomplished in my 25 years of life. I’m still high on the sense of accomplishment. I learned many life lessons from running in preparation for the 26.2 mile race. The most important— I control my body/mind and its limits. Taking bold action and signing up three months out, I forced myself outside of my comfort zone. I committed to something that I wasn’t sure I could complete.

While training for the three months I learned long hours of training suited me, I enjoyed going after bold goals, and our minds are only as powerful as we allow them to be. I was gifted with insights forced by positive stress on my mind and body, insights that emanated naturally like sweat or aches or relief. A marathon is a grueling endeavor. My goal was to come in under 4 hours. I came in at 3 hours and 41 minutes-“BOO-YA!


  1. Every big goal or dream starts with a vision – Once you believe you can do something you start to envision yourself succeeding at what you wish to do.

  2. As you think so shall you become – Your thoughts are everything, when you have thoughts of doubt notice them and replace them with positive ones. The single act to think to yourself that you can do something will make it true.            “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

  3. The only way to stay sane is to be in the present moment

  4. One must be BOLD in order to grow in life

  5. It is not about the destination it is about the journey – The journey is the fun part of a goal or destination. Just think back to how you got to this moment. For me I enjoyed the training more than finishing the race. I knew that each day I trained I built up for this one big moment and with out those tiring days I would not have had the endurance to complete the long run.

  6. Let the haters fuel you – So many people told me that I would never finish the race, let alone do it in under four hours. People experience (or feel) envy when they see you are doing something that requires commitment that they don’t possess. You should never take the words of haters seriously. Use them as motivation and as a means to prove the haters wrong.

  7. We often limit ourselves of what we are capable of doing – So often it is the case that we tell ourselves that we can’t do this or that. Chances are that if you can picture doing it in your mind that it is POSSIBLE. To have a deep down belief that something is attainable is so important. For the longest time I told myself that I could never run a marathon…..

  8. Running for miles clears the mind 

  9. Being in shape raises your confidence

  10. Worrying doesn’t help anything 

  11. When you get off track forgive yourself and recommit – We tend to be to hard on ourselves. This is normal. Know when you’ve fallen off track and recognize it. Forgiveness is very important especially when it’s yourself, be forgiving of the fact that your alright and you need to get back in the groove of things.

  12. You never know what today will bring 

  13. Discovering new places is rewarding

  14. A healthy diet makes you feel lighter 

  15. Without action you are not going anywhere – Plain and simple if you want results you have to take action. You can think about something all your life but you will not get what you want if you do not take action. Take any step in the right direction. If you take action and fail use that as a learning experience and then take more action.

  16. Cold showers help the healing process

  17. Nature trails recharge and relax the body

  18. Running will improve your sleep 

  19. Fight resistance at all costs – In the shadows there is always resistance lurking. There will always be that voice in your head telling that you’ll do it later or tomorrow. This voice loves the status quo and does not like change. To fight this voice is important, you know what has to get done, just do it.

  20.  Everyone experiences fear – Fear is normal. We all have fears in life. The thing is what we do with the fear. By going towards the fear you begin to take control of it. Fear is energy-in-motion(emotion), use this energy as fuel to overcome the fear and then watch the magic happen. Often the things that we are afraid to do are the things that we need to do most.

  21. Running helps get you into a flow state 

  22.  Everything that happens to me, happens to my maximum advantage – Ahhhh the power of positive thinking. Notice that whatever happens to you that is in your favor. For example: when it started to rain right before I left to train, I said to myself “How can I benefit from this?” The answer: “This will prepare me for if it rains during the race.” The day it rained was fun – instead keeping my head down and saying “Why is this happening?”, I made the best of it.

  23.  Having support can make the difference – To have people cheering on your sideline gives you that extra boost and reassurance that “I got this!”  I was blessed to have people support me all throughout the 26 mile course.

  24.  A well hydrated body allows for optimal performance 

  25. Give your best effort everyday

  26. Reward yourself for amazing accomplishments – This is a very important insight. Show yourself appreciation for all your hard work and effort that you put in, all the blood, sweat, and tears. When we reward our accomplishments we are more likely to repeat similar actions. I decided to to treat my self to a 2-week vacation in Europe!

    .2 DREAM BIG……                        race_1594_photo_27304051


In conclusion you begin to understand yourself in a clearer light when you start to tackle your dreams. We all have so much potential within us, it is just a matter of recognizing it and acting on it. I feel like this accomplishment might just be the beginning of an awesome journey into the unknown….  I hope this post has inspired you to take more action and go for it(whatever “it” may be)!
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