2 Ways You Can change the World


We all see the messed up things that go on in the world today the violence, the stress, the killings, the wars, the destruction, the pain, the anger, the madness, and so much more negativity. It would almost be weird for us to accept this as the world we live in(as most of us do or we are unconscious of our surroundings). If I were to tell you that it is possible to change the world for the better you probably think I’m crazy just for having that thought. We do not need to live in a negative atmosphere and environment. So many humans give them selves such little power for how much they can truly accomplish in their lifetime.

If you cared about changing the world for the greater good ask yourself : “What can I do to make this place better?”(often we assume so much of time and it effects our outlook on life and leaves us taking what we have for granted – what we can do instead of assume is ask questions which can give us a better understanding of what is really going on)

so here’s my solution to changing the world


1. Change yourself

What do I mean change your self?

Well for starters do you live in a way that is beneficial to yourself and others, do you give and help those around you, do you really work on a level that you would call your higher self. These are little things we can alter and don’t really think about to often. Change must start on a small scale. Once you choose to become that person(your best self) it will start to inspire those around you and have a ripple effect. Write down goals, tackle your fears head on, lead by example, go outside your comfort zones, donate your time and energy, stand for what is right, focus on the positives – change is possible and all it takes is one thought, one decision, one commitment to yourself and the universe. Are you truly happy with your life? Are you living your dream? Are you scared? What is holding you back?

If we had more people taking risks and pursuing their passions and doing what makes them happy, would we not live in a world full of inspiration and integrity?

Age, location, gender, and bank account have nothing to do with you changing. Don’t let other people confine your limits – you know deep down what is possible for your self.

Do you need a fresh start? Clean your room/yard/house/car; having a clean and organized environment allows for a clear mind and leaves less room for worry. Travel, take that vacation you always wanted to – money comes and goes. Move somewhere new, challenge yourself. Do not dwell on failure, embrace it. If you fuck up accept it and keep moving.

Change is not easy it takes discipline, hard work, dedication, consistency, willpower, and vision. Start out small and work you way up. Begin with a strong foundation. Question your beliefs. Read books. Be inspired. Go Forward towards peace and happiness and abundance. It is possible to achieve.

It is hard to wake up early, make sacrifices, eat healthy, work out, be in control of your thoughts, be vulnerable, take risks but we must have faith in ourselves. With this new faith we see the change unfold in a new light – this light is how we CHANGE the world.


2. Be Mindful

What does it mean to be mindful?

To be mindful is to have awareness to have awareness means to know what is going on inside and outside of your self.  So often the ego takes are attention and focuses it in the past/future when little are we actively living in the present moment. We take things like our past failures and fears and projecting them in the now. If we strongly decide we want change for ourselves and others you need to do it in the present moment.

When our lives lack presence we allow things like anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, hesitation, and frustration into play. By noticing these feelings we can see that we do not want to partake in the emotions that come with them.

Ways to be more mindful:

meditation: one of the easiest ways to enter a state of mindfulness. There are many different practices and forms of meditation but they all mostly have the same principles. When you meditate you want to try and reach a state of no-mind, this is where there is no stream of incessant mental chatter. When we tame the inner voices we allow room for clarity, peace, and grace. By doing nothing(meditating) you are focusing your mind on the breath for “x” amount minutes. By tuning into your breath you allow your self to become mindful; mindful of your breath, mindful of your thoughts, and mindful of life. The practice is best done in the morning in my opinion, this way you your minds is on a higher frequency for the rest of the day.

being the watcher of your thoughts: we tend to forget that we have thoughts running rampantly throughout our heads nonstop. By being aware that are minds say things that are conscious do not pick up is a strange thought it self. We have this conditioned subconsciousness that is not for our better good(ego-based). BUT this is where paying attention to your attention can pay off  as you realize that you have negative self-talk going on inside. What will he/she think of this? What if I fail? How come his life is so easy?(Whenever I realize it inside myself I replace a bad thought with two good ones)

– pay attention to your senses: With our brains going full charge every second we never STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Try paying attention to whats in front of you. Eat your food with awareness – take moment to be grateful that you have food to eat in the first place then smell it, feel its texture, focus on the taste of it, how does it make you feel after your done eating it. Look at all the colors shapes your eyes allow you to see. Listen to music with awareness of all the instruments and how sound arises from nothing then goes back to nothing.

-read the Power of Now(the best book that you never read): Just read it! One of the better roadways to mindfulness.


Here’s to changing the world 🙂


  1. Noreen McKnight said:

    As important as questioning assumptions is considering the basis for those assumptions. Just for the sake of argument, why do we assume “everyone has a dream?” Or that risk taking is preferable to seeking safety? Because we assume that not pursuing dreams and taking safe routes lead to frustration, right? How many of our current assumptions are based in advertising? Advertising’s whole function is to create need and want. There is no avenue to advertise mindfulness so it’s not even on the radar for most people. But change is one of the emotional appeals of advertising–be thinner, richer, smarter, healthier, better looking….I wonder how much negativity Americans generate because of a subconscious sense of failure imposed on them from advertising?

    June 1, 2015
  2. Linux VPS said:

    Science backs it up-if you change your self-perception, you can change your life. By recognizing the ways in which we can change our own thinking about ourselves, we can drastically change the outcomes of our work lives, romantic lives, and social lives. It may seem like sorcery, but the proof is in the bioscience

    May 9, 2016
    • Jeremy,

      I totally agree. As you think so shall you become. Have you ever read Physcho-Cybernectics, because in his book Dr. Maltz talks about how important our own self image is to our overall wellness.

      May 10, 2016

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